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Organisation Rebranding

Brief: To create a new identity for a housing association – building on its values.

Outputs: We recommended an inclusive approach based on a series of  workshops with staff, board members and residents. The workshops were designed to enable the participants to come up with the new name and to create a design brief for our team to work on. After a four month period we emergedwith agreement – and buy in – to a new name and visual identity. Our involvement continues with the implementation of the new branding across a wide range of applications and channels.

Feedback: "As you know, we have been ‘live’ as B3Living for a while and all has gone well. The name has been very well received, and even those who were unsure about it at the beginning are now saying that it’s new and fresh and is the right name for us. We have also had lots of positive feedback on the branding and designs." - Sue Scanlan, Head of Service Improvement, B3 Living

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