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We help organisations communicate well

Sounds simple, but often isn’t.

We believe in the power of communication because we have seen how, when done well, it transforms organisations, enthuses staff and delights customers. Our aim is to be partners with our clients in a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. For that to happen, our clients need to feel we have their best interests at heart and deliver consistently high quality, value for money services. We aren’t precious or pompous but we are pretty serious about our craft.

At the heart of our track record is a commitment to the third sector – social housing organisations, schools, charities and not-for-profits. Our experience also includes working with SMEs where we feel we can have a real impact.

Unlike many consultancies we do not have an account team structure so you will always deal direct with senior people. Part of what you are paying for is the vast experience of similar situations, contexts and potential answers.

We are particularly good at strategy, performance improvement, branding, corporate positioning, consultation and engagement, training, copywriting, graphic design and print, website, intranet and mobile apps. Where we have gaps in our expertise we work hard to find others who we trust to recommend to you.

"Broadgate is one of those rare consultancies that is genuine, can be trusted to manage within budget and always performs with high levels of integrity." 

Sue Chalkley OBE, Chief Executive, Hastoe Group

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